Abdullah Gül University ( AGU ) – 3rd Generation University

AGU Logo

The University opened its doors to students in July 2010 with the aim to produce graduates who can shape the future, equipped with the best skills for today’s globalized society.

AGU is the first State University in Turkey with legal provision for support by a private foundation (including many prominent figures of Turkey), which is solely dedicated to the University and its objectives.


As the pioneer of third-generation universities, AGU places great emphasis on interdisciplinary research, university-industry collaboration and innovative teaching.

AGU is a research university that embraces solution seeking for global challenges.

In order to achieve this, AGU aims to attract brilliant faculty members and the brightest students, who, as AGU graduates, will be typified by their ability to think, research, work in an interdisciplinary fashion and to lead and who will be trained to work anywhere in the world.

Therefore proficiency in English is fundamental and all our programs are taught 100% in English. English education at AGU continues after our Preparatory Program (at the AGU School of Languages) and plays an important role in the academic and social life of our students.


Abdullah Gul University is named for the 11th President of the Republic of Turkey, who hails from Kayseri.

The university was formally founded on 21 July 2010 as Turkey’s first foundation-supported State University and admitted its first students in the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

The University’s aim is to attract brilliant faculty members and the brightest students, who will be typified by their ability to think, research, work and lead in an interdisciplinary fashion and who will be trained to work anywhere in the world.


  • To become a leader in creativity and innovation. Being recognized as such and Integrate the most famous world rankings.
  • To attract the brightest students into our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Programs) and brilliant/award winning faculty members worldwide.
  • To produce useful and current learning and knowledge.
  • To work closely with the Industry to develop high quality projects in Industrial R&D.

AGU Academic Programs

AGU is currently admitting students into the following programs:


  • School of Engineering: Computer Engineering (B.Sc), Civil Engineering(B.Sc), Electrical & Electronics Engineering(B.Sc), Industrial Engineering(B.Sc), Mechanical Engineering(B.Sc)
  • School of of Architecture: Architecture (B.Sc)
  • School of Leadership and Management: Business Administration (B.Sc)
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Life and Natural Sciences


  • Graduate School: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (M.Sc), Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Sc and PhD), Industrial Engineering (M.Sc and PhD), Material Sciences and Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

New programs will be added in near future. AGU will also project interdisciplinary graduate programs in its academic departments.

All programs conform to international standards but also carry our University’s own values and characters.

Active learning and training in an interdisciplinary fashion are the basis of our educational system. AGU balances both practical elements and theoretical knowledge and offers multiple opportunities for students to apply and join research groups, even in their early undergraduate years.


You can learn more by checking the AGU Website: http://intoffice.agu.edu.tr/

or contacting the AGU International Office here : Mail: intoffice@agu.edu.tr

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