Pakistani Culture at the Heart of New AGU Intercultural Series

Last week, the Abdullah Gül University‘s Pakistani students, along with their classmates from multiple cultural backgrounds and international students joining from other universities highlighted the richness of Pakistani culture and traditions during this new edition of the AGU Intercultural Series.

AGU, Intercultural Series, Abdullah Gül University, Sümer Campus, Kayseri, Turkey, Pakistan

Organized by the AGU International Association (student club), with support from the AGU International Office, our Intercultural Series are the opportunity for the University’s international students to showcase their culture to their fellow students and AGU employees, via presentations, music, dance, food, games…etc.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Intercultural, Series, events, on-campus, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Palestine

This event was the 8th Edition of these popular Series launched 4 years ago, after Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine; and is the second time that Pakistan is in the spotlight. Not surprisingly, considering AGU’s continuously growing Pakistani community!

AGu, Abdullah Gül University, Intercultural Series, Pakistan, event, Conference Hall

The event, which was held in the big Conference Hall, which was packed, was kick started by introductions and welcome speeches by Emeric Abrignani, Head of the AGU International Office, Youssef Abdo, Head of the AGU International Association and Abdullah Tahir, one of the Pakistani presenters and performers of the event.

Agu, Intercultural, Series, Pakistan, 2020, event, Chaudhry Rakay Sadiq, Pakistan History

The presentations and performances were divided into four chapters (History, Serenity, Dark, Light) and covered key historical aspects, culture, geography and some interesting and unique facts through various media, including videos and poetical re-telling. The audience was also treated to some beautiful music, song and dance performances by the students.

At the end, and after the traditional group photo, guests could enjoy the traditional Chana chaat (a chickpea snack) and Pakistani Chai, while mingling with each other.


AGU students (as well as students from other institutions) and the AGU International Association once again proved their dedication and passion of bringing intercultural experiences to AGU. Their hard work paid off!

Abdullah Gül University, AGU Intercultural Series, Pakistan, gorup photo

We look forward to the next Intercultural Series and can’t wait to discover who will be presenting their country and culture this time!


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