Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Interncultural Workshop, Yemen, Erciyes Kolej, Kayseri

AGU Yemeni Students’ Intercultural Workshop

Our AGU Intercultural Workshops continue strong in this academic year, with our Yemeni community walking in the footsteps of our Algerian and Kenyan students, to present their country and culture to Erciyes Koleji high school students.

Yemen, flag, Abdullah Gül University, intercultural workshops

After having already hosted an AGU Intercultural Series on Yemen this year, our students also took up the challenge to host the eleventh session in our AGU Intercultural Workshop series, where AGU international members meet with local high school students to present their countries, cultures and traditions to them and practice English together.


This week, our guests from Erciyes Koleji were welcomed by the AGU International Office, AGU International Association (AIA) and our Yemeni students Ahmed, Mohammed and Nusaibah.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Yemen, Intercultural Workshops, Erciyes Kolej

After the traditional introduction in front of the whole group of high school students, led by the President of the AGU International Association (student club), they were divided into three groups, each with one Yemeni member, in order to discuss different aspects of the Yemeni culture, geography and history.

After around 45 minutes of work group discussions, the participants were brought back together into one classroom in order to present their findings in front of their classmates.

The workshop was concluded with some general discussions about what had been learned.

We are excited to continue learning and growing with our partners from Erciyes Koleji and can’t wait to organize the next cultural discovery session!

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