Malaysian Exchange Students host AGU Intercultural Workshop

AGUV-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School  came back to the Abdullah Gül University campus this week for another session of our AGU Intercultural Workshop series!

Two weeks ago, the youngsters practiced their English skills and discovered a new country and culture with our Sri Lankan students.

This week was just as interesting and special too, because the session was taught by our three exchange students from Management & Science University (MSU) in Malaysia!


The group of 15 high school students that joined the workshop was divided into three classrooms, each with one of our three Malaysian teachers; and each to focus on a different topic. One group discussed food and religions, while another focused on History, Economy and traditional clothes and the third on Sports and Geography.

The high school students then presented what they had learned to their classmates in a plenary session.


After that, our Malaysian students Farah, Fatin and Amyra had prepared a surprise for their guests, as they had them participate in a little Kahoot! quiz in order to test their knowledge learned that day.

AGU Intercultural Workshops Malaysia, AGUV-Tekden High Schools, Kahoot

The three winners were awarded chocolates for their efforts.

Once the workshop came to an end, everyone gathered to take the traditional group photo together.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Intercultural Workshop, Malaysia, AGu Exchage students, MSU

We look forward to seeing our high school friends again soon on April 27, for the first ever AGU International Youth Fest!

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