AGU Sri Lanka Workshop with High School Students

AGUV-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School have been coming to the Abdullah Gül University campus since last year to participate in the AGU Intercultural Workshop series, created by the AGU International Office in order to give high school students the opportunity to discover new cultures and practice their English skills with foreigners.


The first session of 2019 was kicked-off by AGU Sri Lankan Students Adam, Umar, and Amhar!


Previously, the students had learned more about Somalia, Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt and Grenada; but for 2019 it was time to focus on the island-nation of Sri Lanka, also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” !

The group of 15 high school students that joined the workshop was divided into three classrooms, each with one of our three Sri Lankan teachers, in order to learn about the country’s geography, history, the meaning of their flag, national dish, clothes and music….and much more.


The students had also prepared some information about the country before coming to the workshop and discussed with their teacher for the day what they had discovered.


The high school students then presented what they had learned to their classmates in a plenary session.


Once the workshop came to an end, and after taking a group photo together, the students and their teachers stayed on to continue chatting outside of the classroom setting.


We hope to organize another exciting Intercultural Workshop session with our eager and bright guests very soon!

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