Yemeni Students organize 6th AGU Intercultural Series!

Abdullah Gül University international members and Kayseri Yemeni Student Union organize 6th Edition of AGU Intercultural Series!

Organized by the AGU International Association (student club), with support from the AGU International Office, our Intercultural Series are the opportunity for the University’s international students to showcase their culture to their fellow students and AGU employees, via presentations, music, dance, food, games…etc.

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The AGU International community had already successfully organized five previous editions in the last two and a half years, starting with Kenya, followed by Morocco and Pakistan, Egypt and Syria.


With the AGU Intercultural Series gaining in popularity and thanks to the motivation and involvement of our AGU International Association President, Abdishukri Aden, from Kenya (who had also presented the very first Intercultural Series, with his fellow Kenyans), it was not difficult to find the contenders for the latest and sixh Edition in the Series: YEMEN!

Head of the AGU International Office, Emeric Abrignani, with the President (to his right) and members of the Kayseri Yemeni Student Union

AGU’s Yemeni students joined forces with the Kayseri Yemeni Student Union and members of the AGU International Association (Student Club) in order to showcase their rich culture. In the current international context, it was also the opportunity to show a different face of the country and to show the beauty and richness of its heritage and traditions.

On the day of the event, the audience was invited to participate in an Exposition outside of the AGU Conference Room, where Yemeni students proudly presented different aspects of the country. Participants could visit the different stands of the Exposition, showcasing the local money, arts, traditional costumes (which could be tried on for photos), Ancient South Arabian Alphabets (visitors were encouraged to try writing their own names using the Alphabet), a Souvenir Photo area and Henna workshop.

Meanwhile, in the Conference Room, a trailer video of the past Intercultural Series editions was played, while the audience settled into their seats (watch the videos of all previous Editions here).

Once everyone was ready, the Yemeni students, as well as AIA President Abdishukri and Head of the International Office Emeric Abrignani took to the stage to introduce the event, tease future intercultural projects and thank their guests for joining and AIA members and international students for their hard work.


Among the audience were AGU members — both students and staff —  AGU Rector, Prof. Dr İhsan Sabuncuoğlu, Yemeni and other international students of Erciyes University, as well as students of “AGUV-Tekden Kolej” high school, who have been regularly invited to the AGU campus to participate in the Intercultural Series and Intercultural Workshops with AGU international students.

After playing the Turkish and Yemeni national anthems, the Yemeni students presented their country in the forms of discussions, photos and videos which covered geography, history and key monuments, as well as music, interesting facts and food.

The audience was also treated to a fashion show and traditional dance performances, one even involving the wielding of the Janbiya, the Yemeni curved dagger.

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They then participated in an interactive Kahoot quiz on Yemeni key facts (especially information that had been shared with the visitors during the Exposition session).

The winner of the Kahoot was awarded a Yemeni flag.

Right after the quiz, numbers were drawn for the lottery for which the audience had been distributed tickets upon entering the Conference Room.

The holders of the three randomly drawn numbers were awarded a 70 TRY coupon for a Yemeni Restaurant in Istanbul, as well as two AGU cups respectively.

At the end of the event, the audience was invited to once again visit the stands of the Exposition to learn more about Yemen during one-on-one discussions with the Yemenis manning the stands.

The Henna workshop proved very popular!

Afterwards, Yemeni food and coffee prepared by the students was served to the audience.

Visitors had the pleasure of enjoying Kabsa (rice with chicken) and Rawani (a sweet cake with syrup).

As always, AGU international students and AGU International Association and, this time, Kayseri Yemeni Council members, proved their dedication and passion of bringing intercultural experiences to AGU. Their hard work paid off!

Group Photo

As always AGU international members are excited to start planning the next events, including the first AGU International Festival, which the AGU International Office and AGU International Association are looking forward to organizing this semester!

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