AGU International Students visit Kayseri Science Center

This week, the AGU International Office took international students to the Kayseri Science Center (Kayseri Bilim Merkezi), for a fun and interactive break from their classes and exams.

Located in a 2300m2 closed exhibition area, the Kayseri Science Center offers visitors the opportunity to discover around 160 interactive learning stations on natural sciences, as well as a temporary exhibition area.

During the visit, AGU international students were guided in English by a physicist and astronomer and discovered a number of interactive displays, including:

  • A visualization of sound waves
  • Newton’s cradle
  • Visualization of gravity
  • The determination of seasons due to Earth’s axial tilt
  • Plasma generators
  • An earthquake simulator
  • Flash photography
  • A heat sensitive camera
  • Temperature experimentation and the sensation of “burning cold”
  • A tornado simulator
  • A Lightning generator
  • The temporary dinosaur exposition
  • A 360º space show in the Center’s planetarium

KayseriBilimMerkezi group photo

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