High School students host AGU members for round-off of AGU-Tekden project

AGUV-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School and the Abdullah Gül University International Office have been collaborating all year round to create a unique new project in Kayseri:

The AGU Intercultural Workshops, where AGU international members hosted a group of selected Tekden high school students on the AGU campus throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to introduce them to their country and culture; the opportunity for AGU international students and Tekden high school students to interact with a new group of people, as well as for the high schoolers to discover new cultures and practice their English.

Throughout the year, the Tekden students and their English professors participated in the following country workshops, hosted by our international students:

As the project came to and end for this academic year, AGU-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School English teachers and students decided to invite the AGU International Office and students who had organized the workshops to their campus; this time for a fair and cultural workshop on Turkey.

Our AGU members were welcomed to the vast Tekden campus for a food fair, the opportunity to discover different Turkish dishes.

After that, in the same way that the AGU Intercultural Workshops were organized at the University, AGU students were divided into four groups with different topics and listened to the presentation of the Tekden high school students on their home country.

After a campus tour, the groups came together again and AGU students presented to their classmates what they had learned during their separate group sessions.

Finally, and in celebration of a successful year of collaborating, AGU and Tekden students and teachers shared a cake, prepared specially for the occasion and sat for a group photo.


Given the success of the AGU Intercultural Workshops project and the enthusiasm of our students and high schoolers, the AGU International Office and Tekden English teachers discussed the opportunity of renewing the project for a second year next semester.

AGU Tekden Group photo

We would like to thank our Tekden students and colleagues for a great time working together and our AGU International students for their enthusiasm and commitment to hosting these workshops! 🙂


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