Abdullah Gül University, Intercultural Workshop, Egypt, AGU, international students, Egyptian students, Kayseri, AGUV-TOBB Tekden Fen Lisesi

AGU Egyptian Students host 3rd Intercultural Workshop

The Abdullah Gül University‘s Intercultural Workshop Series are still going on at a steady pace, with a third Edition hosted this week by our University’s Egyptian community (after the 1st event with our Moroccan students and the 2nd with our Pakistani students).

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, intercultural, workshops, Egyptian, students

The AGU Intercultural Workshops are the opportunity for a selected group of students among the best from the AGUV-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School to meet with international AGU members to exchange with them in English and learn more about their country and culture.

This week, the high school students and their two accompanying professors were met by our Egyptian students Amro, Hassan, Mostafa, Fady, Khalid, Osama, Abdulrahman and Omar; representing the AGU Departments of Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

This time, the workshop took place in some of the classrooms in the campus, which also gave the high school students the chance to discover more of the University’s facilities.

After a brief welcome by the Head of the AGU International Office, Emeric Abrignani and once each Egyptian student had introduced himself, the class was divided into three working groups, who each moved to a separate room.

Each working group was lead by two or three Egyptian students, who proceeded to share information on their country and culture and used the projectors to show examples of — and discuss with the high school students — specific topics such as history, architecture, food and music.

After around one hour of discussions, the three groups rejoined into a plenary session to present their findings to their peers.

At the end of the Workshop, the high school students were shown the video of the latest AGU Intercultural Series event, which had been organized by the Egyptian students.

Intercultural Workshop Egypt, Abdullah Gül University, Kayseri, high school, students,AGU, internaitonal students

After a group photo with all participants, high school students and AGU Egyptian students were left free to chat and exchange until it was time for the high school group to leave.

Abdullah Gül University, Intercultural Workshop, Egypt, AGU, international students, Egyptian students, Kayseri, AGUV-TOBB Tekden Fen Lisesi

The AGU Intercultural Workshop Series continue to be successful and a great opportunity for international and intercultural exchange, as well as for a closer relationship between University members and our local community!


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