AGU launches ‘Intercultural Workshops’ with High School students

The Abdullah Gül University and Kayseri’s AGÜV-TOBB Tekden Anadolu High School agreed to collaborate for the creation of an “AGU Intercultural Workshop”, where high school students could meet with AGU international members to exchange in English and discover new cultures.

Tekden Koleji, Kayseri, AGU, Intercultural, workshop, Morocco

The first session of the Intercultural Workshop was held on Wednesday afternoon, on the AGU campus.

A group of 18 Tekden Koleji high school students were selected, based on their great school results, to take part in this new experience.

Abdullah Gül University, Tekden Koleji, kayseri, İntercultural Workshop, AGU, international, students, Morocco

This workshop organized by the AGU International Office gave them the opportunity to:

  1. Visit the Abdullah Gül University campus for the first time
  2. Practice their English with AGU international members
  3. Learn about a new culture
  4. Experiment AGU interactive learning methods (workshop mixing small group discussion sessions and plenary presentations)

For the first edition, the high school students had the opportunity to meet with and discover the culture of our Moroccan students.

AGU Business Administration students Sara, Manal and Hamza, as well as Industrial Engineering student Anas and Architecture student Wiam, volunteered to meet and interact with our Tekden Koleji visitors.

At the start of the workshop, Moroccan students introduced themselves and welcomed their guests. The high school students were then divided into 3 groups to discuss with their Moroccan hosts.

AGU, international, studens, tekden koleji, high school students, abdullah gül university, workshop

In the 30 minutes that followed, each group learned new things on Moroccan culture, language, geography, cuisine, sports, etc.

The groups were then reunited into a plenary session to share their findings with their classmates with a paperboard presentation.

The participants were then invited to join the future fifth edition of the AGU Intercultural Series, which we hope to organize soon.

All participants were very satisfied with the outcome and High school students are eager to come back for a 2nd workshop, where they will have the opportunity to learn about a new country and exchange with other AGU international members.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Tekden koleji, Intercultural Workshop, Group, photo

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