AGU to partner with the Jordanian University of Science and Technology (JUST)

The Director of the AGU International Office, Mr. Emeric Abrignani, visited the Jordanian University of Technology (JUST) in order to discuss collaboration terms and finalise the signing of an international Memorandum of Understanding as well as a Student Exchange Agreement.

The institutional connection was initiated by AGU’s Vice Rector, Prof.Dr. Yusuf Baran, during his participation in the last edition of the World Science Forum 2017, which took place in Jordan on 7-11 November.


Established in 1986 as an autonomous national institute, JUST is now considered today as the best Jordanian University in teaching and research, and among the world’s Top 500 best Universities according to the THE and QS international rankings.


AGU and JUST agreed to initiate student/staff exchange mobility activities, joint research/projects, exchange of information, knowledge and resources, and others.

This new international collaboration is very promising and meant to be mutually beneficial considering the common vision and interest of the two partners.

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