AGU, Abdullah Gül University, Rector, Ihsan Sabuncuoglu, panel, speaker, New Generation University model, EduCon Asia, Singapore, Higher Education Summit

AGU joins EDUCON Asia in Singapore

The Abdullah Gül University‘s Rector, Prof. Dr. İhsan Sabuncuoğlu joined the 5th EduCon Asia Conference, which this year was held in Singapore.

Educon Asia, Sİngapore, September 2017, Higher Education Summit Asia

This is the fifth such conference, which reunites three distinct summits into one big event:

  • the Annual Higher Education Summit  
  • the Digital Learning Summit
  • the Education Facilities and Infrastructure Summit
Abdullah Gül University, Rector, Ihsan Sabuncuoğlu, EduCon Asia, Higher Education Summit, panelist, speaker
Dr. Sabuncuoğlu surrounded by Dr. Juergen Rudolph (Kaplan Higher Education), Prof. Ho Yew Kee (Singapore Tech), Prof. Philippa Patton (University of Sydney), Dr. Khalid Yusoff (UCSI University) and Dr. Graeme Britton (Raffles Uniersity Iskandar).

Dr. Sabuncuoğlu joined the 9th Annual Higher Education Summit, which had as an objective to analyze “the most significant drivers for Higher Education today… [such as] changing student demographics, mobility, collaboration for new market access, changing trends in operating business models, and of course the overpowering impact of digitization.”

The event gathered over 250 academicians and education professionals and speakers from 9 different countries, including Dr. sabuncuoğlu, who was invited to present AGU’s New Generation University model, as well as to join the panel of the 3-day summit’s closing plenary “EduCon 2017 Wrap Up: Advancing learning outcomes through policy, technology and investment”.

During his presentation, our Rector introduced the case study of the Abdullah Gül University as a pioneering hybrid model university in Turkey: a State university supported by a private philanthropic foundation; and how this model serves as a solid ground for innovative higher education initiatives.

Educo Asia, 2017, Singapore, Higher Education Summit, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Rector, speaker, Ihsan Sabuncuoglu

With participants from 6 different regions, AGU’s participation in this event was not only the opportunity to present the University’s unique model and to discover new, pioneering approaches to the higher education of tomorrow, but also to connect with new potential partners in an effort to continue internationalizing AGU’s activities in and outside of Turkey.

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