Los Angeles, LA, USA, NAFSA, 2017, International, Higher Education, Conference, Expo, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Turkey

AGU joins NAFSA Conference & Expo for the Third time

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, NAFSA, Conference and Expo, Los Angeles, USA, 2017, Expanding Community, Strengthening Connections, Association of International Educators

This May, the Abdullah Gül University joined the NAFSA 2017 Conference and Expo, the largest Education Summit in the World, along with APAIE, EAIE and EURIE, which AGU has also been regularly attending.

AGU was, this year again, represented by its International Office Director, Mr. Emeric Abrignani.

After Boston in 2015 and Denver last year, this was our University’s third consecutive attendance of this international higher education event, which gathered over 7000 participants from +100 countries under the topic “Expanding Community, Strengthening Connections”. This year, the Annual Conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Taking part in the NAFSA Annual Conferences is key to AGU’s internationalization aspirations as it:

  • Provides a background for networking and partnership creation
  • Allows AGU and fellow educators to develop new strategies, discover new trends and to learn from experts

NAFSA, 2017, Los Angeles, Convention Center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA, Basketball, Keynote Speech

The Conference program includes a multitude of workshops, sessions and plenaries to attend. The NAFSA events are always the opportunity for attendees to meet, collaborate on educational projects, work on the improvement of Higher Education and discuss new trends.

As every year, participating in the NAFSA Conference was the opportunity for AGU to reconnect with existing partners, including ITMO, Kaunas University of Technology and Veltech Dr. RR & Dr. SR University, with which our University agreed to further promote each other among their respective students and to maintain yearly exchanges of students.

AGU also explored new partnership opportunities with some 35 European, American and Asian Higher Education Institutions.

Over the course of the conference week, the AGU representative was able to organize many meetings with top international universities from across the Globe (more than 40 meetings with higher education institutions from 22 different countries) and to meet with education experts working for the most globally active institutions, companies and networks.

Now back in Kayseri, Mr. Emeric Abrignani, is currently working on formalizing several new international partnerships based on meetings held during the event.

Until next time, for NAFSA 2018 in Philadelphia!

NAFSA, 2018, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, internationalization

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