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AGU at Turkish Exhibition in Amman, Jordan

For the first time, the Abdullah Gül University participated in a student recruitment fair in Jordan last week. In the past application periods, the institution had received applications from Jordanian students and therefore wished to explore this potential recruitment market further.

For this reason, the AGU International Office joined the Bridge International 3rd Turkish Exhibition in Amman this November, along with 5 other Turkish universities, among the top recruiters of international students in Turkey.

Over the course of the 2-day trip, fair participants visited 4 different high schools and participated in 2 student fair events.

The students who visited the fair were of very good academic quality, with very high IB, SAT and Tawjihi score results.

Bridge International, Student rectruitment, Amman, Jordan, Abdullah Gül University

The Abdullah Gül University can accept students with the following minimum required scores:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB): diploma grade 33
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): a minimum score of 1100/1600 for the “Evidence-based Reading and Writing” and “Math” sections combined and a minimum of 660/800 for the “Math” section alone
  • Tawjihi: a minimum diploma score of 84%

Many of the students and high school councellors who visited the AGU stand seemed interested in the University’s project and offerings. The Abdullah Gül University also had a lot of success among Grad students, who were drawn by AGU’s student/professor ratio (3:1) and research opportunities.

AGU, international, prospect, students, Jordan, Amma, Abdullah Gül University, Turkey

Since returning from Jordan, the Abdullah Gül University has already received several enquiries and applications from students met during the fair.

Abdullah Gül University, apply no, study in Turkey, international students, Jordan, Amman, undergraduate, graduate, engineering, business, architecture, English

The Abdullah Gül University was also featured in an article on the popular Turkish news site memurlar.net, chosen to represent the group of Turkish universities participating in the fair:

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, student, recruitment, fair, international, Jordan, Amman, Bridge, International, memurlar.net

We hope to welcome Jordanian newcomers to AGU as soon as next Spring, for one of our Graduate programs (for which applications are currently open here), as well as to receive further undergraduate applications for Fall 2017 (https://sis.agu.edu.tr/).

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