AGU to exchange students with SolBridge International School of Business

Solbridge, International, students, exchange, Abdullah Gül University, Turkey, Business AdminnistrationFollowing an initial meeting between the two institutions during the EAIE Conference in Liverpool this year, the Abdullah Gül University has recently signed an MOU and Student Exchange agreement with SolBridge International School of Business.

Abdullah Gül University, SolBridge, EAIE, Liverpool, international office
Meeting at EAIE Liverpool with the SolBridge International Team

The cooperation agreement will allow both institutions to exchange both undergraduate and graduate Business students (AGU’s MBA will open in Fall 2017), for a period of one semester or one year.

Solbridge International School of Business, Daejeon, South Korea

Located in Daejeon, South Korea, the AACSB accredited International Business School was established in 2007 by the Woosong Educational Foundation, which is also founded Woosong University in 1995.

Currently, SolBridge welcomes around 1030 students from 40 different campus on its urban campus.

SolBridge, International School of Business,Woosong Educational Foundation, Daejeon, South Korea, Englis-medium instruction, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, student exchange agreement, business administration, undergraduate, graduate

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