Shih Chien University, Taiwan, Taipei, Memorandum of Understanding, Abdullah Gül University, Kayseri, Turkey, international, agreeement

AGU and Shih Chien University sign new MOU

The Abdullah Gül University has recently signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Shih Chien University (Taiwan), which will enable future collaboration, including students and staff exchanges in the fields of Business and Architecture.

First established in 1958, Shih Chien University now hosts around 15 000 students on two campi (in Taipei and Kaohsiung). The institution currently offers programs from three colleges: the College of Design, the College of Human Ecology and the College of Management.

Shih Chien’s College of Design was ranked among:

  • the 30 Best Design Schools in the World (, 2014)
  • the Top 30 World’s Best Design Programs (Business Week, 2009)
  • the Top 60 World’s Best Design Schools (Business Week, 2007)

The University, which already has around 130 partner universities around the world, signed its first agreement in Turkey via this MoU with AGU.

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