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AGU Becomes SAT Test Center

Following the initiative of the AGU International Office and the AGU Academy Office, the Abdullah Gül University successfully applied to become an official SAT Test Center.

SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a globally recognized university admission test that evaluates students’ knowledge in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and their ability to apply that knowledge. The SAT is one of the international exams that are highly appreciated by the AGU International Students Selection Committee. Minimum SAT requirements for undergraduate applications to AGU can be found here.

The University’s first SAT Test session was held last Saturday, January 23rd. As AGU is currently one of the few SAT Test Centers in Turkey (and the only one in Central and Eastern Anatolia), a good number of participants came to the University to take the test, most of them international students coming from all around Turkey, or even from abroad, especially to take this exam.

This first ever SAT session went well; AGU was able to provide its SAT test-takers with good and comfortable facilities that comply with the international standards imposed by this test.

SAT, AGU, Test Center, Classroom, Test takers

At the end of the session, some of the students decided to stay in order to discover the University via a campus tour, by looking through its promotional material and by asking questions to the AGU International Office members.

Regarding the University’s first test session, Emeric Abrignani, Head of the AGU International Office and newly appointed AGU SAT Test Center Supervisor stated that: “The SAT test-takers we welcomed on Saturday were happy to take this very important international exam at AGU, as they could take it in the best conditions possible thanks to the outstanding facilities, equipment and supervision/management that the University put at their disposal. Becoming an SAT Test Center is a way for the University to position itself further as a ‘High-Quality International Institution in the Heart of Turkey’, adding another international label to its list and becoming the only University administering the Test in the country. It is also the opportunity to attract high-quality international and Turkish students into AGU’s Facilities, make them visit the campus as well as present the Abdullah Gül University and its admission requirements to them.”

SAT, Test Center, AGU, Hallway, Break area

The AGU SAT Test Center representatives are now looking forward to welcoming the next groups of test-takers for the May 7th and June 4th sessions!

SAT, AGU, Abdullah Gül University, Test Center, exam

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