AGU Internationalisation Strategy 2015-2020

As a research university focused on solution-seeking for global challenges, the Abdullah Gül University has made Internationalisation its priority and aims to enhance its international profile as a world-renowned university.

With this in mind, AGU developed its Internationalisation Vision, Mission and Objectives, as guidelines for the upcoming milestones of its 5-year plan.

This Strategy is the result of a careful and structured analysis of the Abdullah Gül University’s current geographic, academic and strategic situation, correlated with our future objectives for AGU, based on our University Vision and Mission. This 2015-2020 Internationalisation Strategy was shaped via a participatory process involving all AGU members (Faculty, Administrative Staff and Students), during the Internationalisation Workshop which was held at the University in spring 2015.

Because these internationalisation efforts are fundamental to the international development of the University and because they will impact all aspects of AGU life, all Departments are concerned by this internationalisation journey, whose success is dependent on a homogeneous effort.

The objective of this Strategy is to internationalise each of the Abdullah Gül University’s key pillars:

  1. Education
  2. Research
  3. Social Entrepreneurship
  4. Administrative Structure

The implementation of the Internationalisation Strategy will profoundly change the face of the Abdullah Gül University and will include achievements such as:

  • The development of innovative and internationally oriented curricula compliant with the Bologna Process and the Diploma Supplement and ECTS labels.
  • The increase of the share of international students and faculty and the signing of new international academic agreements
  • The increase of international research projects AGU participates in and of internationally recognised researchers recruited
  • The inclusion of the Abdullah Gül University in world university rankings
  • The improvement of information, training, guidance and international network access to enable AGU members to have a positive impact on society
  • The adaptation of AGU’s administrative, financial and organizational structures to the needs arising from its internationalisation efforts

Read the full list of internationalisation objectives established by the Abdullah Gül University HERE.

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