Welkom! – Visitors from the Netherlands

On Thursday, April 30th, a group of Dutch highschoolers came to our University for a short information visit. The class was coming to Kayseri as part of a 12-day Turkey trip to tour universities in our city as well as in Konya.

Dutch students read our new AGU brochure

Before being taken on a campus tour and being presented the key areas of our University grounds, these youngsters sat down in our conference room for the International Office‘s presentation of AGU, its vision and mission, how we implement being the “Pioneer of 3rd Generation Universities” and what our student and campus life are like.

Our Dutch PhD student, Ahmet, was of course invited to come join the discussion to talk about his AGU experience and why he chose our University, as well as to answer the high schoolers’ many eager questions about AGU and life in Turkey.

Q&A with our Dutch PhD student

We already collected the contact details of the students who would like to be kept informed about our latest news, programs and application periods and we look forward to receiving new Dutch applications soon.

Bedankt voor uw komst!

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