International Education Fair in Baku

Azerbaijan Flag

On April 18th and 19th, our International Team participated in the a2 International Education Fair in Baku, Azerbaijan.

AGU was particularly interested in joining this fair, because Azerbaijan has a very high potential, as one of the fastest growing student markets in Central Asia (their youth representing 30% of the total population) and the percentage of Azerbaijani students studying abroad having grown by 7.6% in 2011.

Baku city center, Azerbaijan

Of course, because of the many cultural similarities between our two countries, Turkey is one of the leading study abroad destinations for Azerbaijani students (which are also the most represented nationality in the Turkish Education System). Naturally, AGU wanted to join the game!

AGU International Team at AGU Fair Stand

Within two days, approximately 2000 students visited the fair, with or without their parents, and AGU recruiters were able to talk to hundreds of youth and their families, who were particularly interested in our University because of our offering, as well as because of President Abdullah Gül’s widespread reputation in Azerbaijan.

They were very enthusiastic about sharing their contact details, so that they could be kept informed about our latest news and program places available, and after two days we had distributed 800 brochures, 1000 flyers and 144 goodies.

Main Hall of the a2 International Education Fair in Baku

Our team is excited about receiving new applications from Azerbaijani students, because of the high academic level of the students who attended this fair (coming from the best private and public high schools in Azerbaijan, with a good English-level and very mature plans for their future) and we can’t wait for them to join us at AGU and to contribute to the internationalization of our campus!

The next Educational Fair AGU will participate in will take place in Munich, GERMANY on 24-25 May 2015.

You can learn more by checking the AGU Website:

or contacting the AGU International Office here : Mail:

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