AGU Internationalization Meeting

AGU’s Internationalisation is on ! 1st Workshop

The AGU Internationalization Committee recently organized a half-day Meeting bringing together both our Administrative and Academic Staff, as well as a Student Representatives, in order to shape AGU’s future Internationalization Strategy.

Rector Prof. Dr. İhsan SabuncuoğluThe Meeting started with Rector Prof. Dr. İhsan Sabuncuoğlu’s opening speech, in which he underlined the importance of “interculturalism” and thus of AGU’s internationalization, notably by attracting more international staff and students to our University. AGU’s Rector further highlighted the importance of this Meeting as a first step towards internationalization and towards developing a common strategy for all AGU members (students, administrative and academic staff), who all have a role to play towards achieving our collective goal. Finally, Rector Sabuncuoğlu stated that the purpose of this event was to create awareness among AGU members, to involve them in the decision-making process, as well as to develop a common strategy.

Before the Meeting

Before the Meeting Information SessionThe Meeting started with two Information Sessions, following the Rector’s opening speech, in order to give participants an overview of current internationalization trends, as well as of our University’s present situation.

AGU members were then split into workshops in order to discuss the four key pillars of AGU’s internationalization process:

  1. Education
  2. Research
  3. Community Outreach
  4. Administration

AGU Internationalization Meeting

Collecting Data in Workshop Mindstorming in Workshop Mindstorming in the Workshop

Lively and interesting discussions led to key findings, which were shared via short slide presentations during a consequent plenary meeting and then summarized by highlighting key elements for the success of AGU’s future internationalization strategy. The AGU internationalization strategy document will be finalized/published in the coming months and will serve the guideline for AGU’s international expansion.

You can learn more by checking the AGU Website:

or contacting the AGU International Office here : Mail:

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